20 years Oregon Alumni Association e. V.

2010: OAA celebrates anniversary in Tübingen, Germany

Twenty Years Oregon Alumni Association Celebration
The Oregon Alumni Association is celebrating its 20th year of existence! On May 29th, 2010, we have celebrated this with a great get-together and the chance to reconnect and meet with old and new friends in a reception atmosphere. This meeting was open to all members of the OAA and friends of Oregon. Also, foreign studies BW university staff and current Oregon exchange students in BW were invited. The celebration was held at the Schlatterhaus in Tübingen.

Here are some impressions that document the celebration’s atmosphere and the little exhibition on the OAA and its current engagement areas:

The celebration was announced to all members of the OAA and friends of Oregon. The announcement (PDF file, German) contained a prospective agenda of the celebration and the invitation. The actual press release by the president (PDF file, German) supported press agencies with background information on the OAA, its mission and history and the celebration. The actual program (PDF file, German) of the celebration was prepared for the night and presented at the celebration.



Four speakers honored the OAA, its merits and members and its activities.  Here are the speakers in the order of their appearance:

Marco Behrmann, president of the OAA, on the mission and vision of the OAA, its representation in the new OAA emblem, the OAA’s current and latest activities and projects, and the current board of the association.

Dr. Ulrich Wandel, founding member and former president of the OAA, on the history and the early years of the OAA and the idea of its foundation.

The OAA is happy to thank Dr. Wandel for his support and appreciation as a sponsor of the 20 year celebration happening. The OAA likes to thankfully refer to their friendship with the consulting firm Wandel Consultants GmbH in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Sao Paolo and its owner and founder Dr. Ulrich Wandel.

Dr. Bernhard Frank, friend of the OAA and personal mentor of Dr. Ulrich Wandel, who spoke as special guest on his experiences in Oregon during the 1980s when he was a year long expatriate of  an international chemical corporation.

Silvia Kunze-Ritter, resident director of the Oregon Study Center, Germany and Tübingen, on why she adores Oregon and supports exchange students and the OAA. Silvia also held a Letter congratulations letter (PDF file) from the Oregon University System International Programs director and regional director that the read during her speech.





The Band Jetlagged with merited OAA member Sebastian Bakalski as lead singer presented wonderful and dreamful songs that enhanced the atmosphere and were much enjoyed by the audience.


Honored Guests

As honored guests, the OAA was happy to have Prof. Martin Weingardt from PH Ludwigsburg and his wife celebrating the successes of the OAA (on the right in the left picture). The OAA is supporting an Oregon-Baden-Württemberg service learning project in 2010 which is organized by Prof. Weingardt and his colleagues. Find out more at our activities page.

Also, Marlene Klein, former resident director of the OSCG and her daughter enjoyed the evening with the OAA (right picture)



Another highlight was the Swabian-America buffet that was invented by vice-president Dr. Margret Schill. Well done, all guests loved it.



Here are only some impressions of the networking and reception talks after the official program and dinner at the night. The OAA is happy about their 20 years of existence and is looking forward to many more exciting and active years.

This wonderful celebration would not have been possible without the support and active hand of a lot of helpers, active members and friends of the OAA. Thank you for your tremendous and valuable voluntary work!

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