The community section is meant for opening the OAA network. Here, the OAA calls for feedback by former participants of the Oregon-Baden Württemberg exchange program. The idea is to trigger a reunion possibility with a snow-ball principle. Also, here merited members will be introduced and pictures will be shared.


Find old friends and reconnect, update your information
Where are my fellows? Have you been a participant of the exchange program? Long ago? Just recently? One of the main missions of the Oregon Alumni Association is to provide the opportunity for BW-OR exchange students to stay in contact and reconnect. Therefore, we ask you to stay in touch with the OAA, update your contact information and continue to live your Oregon year even back in day-to-day life in education, profession, and family life.


Call for cohort rep for each year’s exchange group
A unique and new idea of the OAA to stay connected with all exchange participants is to have one or two reps of each group of every exchange generation to be the first contact. At the moment, we are establishing such a network that will ensure that information can be actively addressed to everybody and contacts will stay up-to-date in both directions. Do you know your cohort rep? Are you still in contact with your friends you found in the exchange year? Sign up and continue your informal engagement within the OAA.


Use the XING group as a professional platform for frequent exchange
Since 2007, the OAA has established a forum on the professional network For the most recent information, log on to, sign up for the group and stay in touch. Interconnect directly with former friends and acquaintances. There, you even can use the option to generate professional contacts and business with each other.


The OAA group on facebook as platform to meet and connect globally
At the official
OAA group page on facebook, the OAA welcomes all Oregon and BW exchange students and friends to network globally since 2009. There, also photos of recent events will be released and quick blog discussions can be held. The OAA invites everybody to recommend social network groups. Also, feel free to connect and refer other social networks to the OAA website. Let the OAA know which other groups you want to be posted here.


Homes and places in Oregon, passing on contacts and equipment
Every year, the biggest fear for outbound exchange students is the questions where to live and how to get around in the unknown environment. For a couple of years, the members of the OAA have observed that host homes and apartment-sharing communities exist that welcome German students. Those addresses together with recommendations on changing neighborhoods in the host cities will be shared with the new cohorts. Go ahead and provide your experiences! Also, share information on your car or bike or home equipment for sale when you return. New exchange generations will thank you for your help that eases their settling down – and you find a valuable outlet for your equipment.


Merited members, great personalities and their contribution
Back to the roots and up for the future! Who were the founders of the OAA? Who were the pioneering students of the state exchange programs in its early years? Who has left a deep impact in their host country or at their host university? Who are the organizers of the program? The OAA will display sample profiles of their members and designated contributions. Submission of proposals is appreciated at all times.

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