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The Oregon Alumni Association was founded on January 27, 1990 by returning expat students who were in Oregon for a year of study. They realized that once they returned to their home universities or started their professional career, they might quickly loose contact to each other. They decided to form an association and unite for the purpose of maintaining intercultural understanding.

We wanted to enhance the exchange program between Baden-Württemberg and Oregon which was started in 1967/68. For more than 40 years now, hundreds of students have participated in this program. Our goal was to develop an Association where students could meet together at special events including conferences and  business seminars.

Since then, many students, returners, and alumni have devoted their time and effort to the OAA.


Former merited board members (now all honoray members) and active staff include:

¨ Ulrich Wandel (President 1990-1996, 2004-2008)

¨ Klaus Seifert (Vice-President, 1990-1991)

¨ Gerd Schmidt (Treasurer, 1990-1994)

¨ Christina Denninghoff (Vice-President, 1992-1994)

¨ Ulrike Hudelmaier (Vice-President, 1995-1996, President, 1996-1998)

¨ Hubert Teichmann (Treasurer, 1995-1998)

¨ Monika Drück (Vice-President, 1996-1998, President, 1999-2003)

¨ Birgit Klocke (Vice-President, 1999-2000)

¨ Hans-Peter Lederer (Treasurer, 1999-2003)

¨ Günter Mamier (Vice-President, 2000-2003)

¨ Andrea Möhringer (Vice-President, 2004-2005)

¨ Uwe Koch (Treasurer, 2004-2008, Vice-President, 2006-2008)

¨ Margret Schill (Vice-President, 2008-2011)

¨ Caroline Krumholz (Treasurer, 2008-2011)

¨ Christoph Neubert (Treasurer, 2011-2012)

¨ Marco Behrmann (President, 2008-2014)

¨ Karline Klamp (Vice-President, 2011-2014, Treasurer, 2012-2014)

¨ Marion Löhr (Treasurer, 2015-2016)


A few of the conferences and events they organized include

¨ The “International Business and Finance Management” conference in Munich, Germany in 1992

¨ The “Market Leadership and Brand” conference in Böblingen, Germany in 1993

¨ The Oregon-Baden-Württemberg Governor’s Visit in Konstanz, Germany in 1994

¨ The Underberg speech in Böblingen, Germany in 1996

¨ The Seminar on Intercultural Education in Frankfurt, Germany in 1998

¨ The Seminar on Educational Systems in Frankfurt, Germany in 1999

¨ The Hanseatic Challenge in Hamburg, Germany in 2004

¨ The Education Challenge in Herrenberg, Germany in 2005

¨ The Focus Conference on Climate Change and Renewable Energies in 2007 which was collaboratively held together with the Fulbright Alumni e. V.

In addition, returning students and association representatives share information and tips at the yearly pre-departure meeting with new prospective exchange students. This event has taken place at Bad Herrenalb in the beautiful black forest for the last couple of years.

The OAA has established a wonderful yearly tradition, a Thanksgiving dinner held at the Oregon Study Center, at the University of Tübingen. This annual dinner is given for all exchange students from Oregon universities in Baden-Württemberg and is sponsored by the OAA.

Another major event was the Jubilee Concert & Reception to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Exchange Program, held at the Bebenhausen Monastery on June 20, 2008. A couple of committees and delegates from the federal states, Oregon and Baden-Württemberg Universities, the Oregon Study Center,  the Oregon Alumni Association, and university choirs helped to put on this event. Many friends and alumni of the exchange program attended, enjoying a series of speeches, a Jubilee Concert in the historic halls, and a reception and celebration. The OAA sponsored the rent of the beautiful Bebenhausen Monastery location for the celebration in order to provide the appropriate atmosphere for this occasion.

The Oregon Alumni Association is looking forward to hosting more such events.

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