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This section is reserved for all tips and tricks, experiences and reports, and answers of frequently asked questions that occur to all those who are planning to go abroad and spend a year abroad. We mainly focus on tips for BW students going to OR. Thus, this page should represent a major resource for all outgoing BW students – not emphasizing a single university but rather to answer questions on what to pack, how to get around, how to find a place to live, how to proceed with finances, which cultural aspects to consider, and so on.


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Cultural tips, packing tips, location tips

Tips for getting around in the American culture
(by Marco Behrmann and Gudrun Weiser)
can also be found on the
OSCG pages

Packing Tips
(by Marco Behrmann and Gudrun Weiser)
can also be found on the
OSCG pages and on the ISP pages

What to see in Portland
(by Marco Behrmann)

Where to go in Portland
(by Dennis Zinser)

Where to go in Eugene
(by Ulrike Kluge, Caroline Krumholz, & Silke Friedrich)

Where to go in Monmouth
(by Ann-Marie Sekinger)



Reports, sorted by university

My year at PSU, Portland, Electrical Engineering, 2008-2009
(by Tobias Österlein)

My year at PSU, Portland, Psychology, 2008-2009
(by Janin Rössel)

My year at PSU, Portland, Mechanical Engineering, 2008-2009
(by Dennis Zinser)

My year at PSU, Portland, Psychology, 2001-2002
(by Marco Behrmann)

My year at the UofO, Eugene, Biology, 2001-2002
(by Margret Schill (née Müller)

My year at the UofO, Eugene, Business Administration, 2001-2002 (by Caroline Krumholz)


Most of the International Offices of your home university and/or your host university do also publish information and reports. Do you want to share your expertise and must have tips? The OAA is happy to provide reports of their members for the community. Please feel free to contact us. Also, if you know of a reference that is missing here, please contact us.

Note: All information on this page has been carefully collected and checked. The OAA reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness, or quality of the information provided. All content above has been provided by the respective authors or organizations for publication or linkage.

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