The Oregon Alumni Association e. V. as a German-based non-profit organization welcomes all former and future members and friends of the state exchange program between universities in Oregon, USA and Baden-Württemberg, Germany.



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Dear members of the Oregon Alumni Association e.V. and alumni, participants and friends of the Oregon-Baden-Württemberg Exchange Program,


It is with great regret that we have to inform you that our dear honorary member Marlene Klein passed away on March 23, 2021. For many years, she managed the Oregon Study Center's Stuttgart office. She has been the first point of contact for countless Oregon students in Baden-Württemberg and a great help to students from Baden-Württemberg during the application and admissions process. Her open, friendly and helpful nature has made her not only the good soul of the program but also the "surrogate mom" for many of our visiting students from Oregon. We will miss her greatly at our events, especially Thanksgiving Dinner, and grieve with her loved ones.


On behalf of the Board of the Association
Uwe Koch and Desiree Doyle

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